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Technical Report

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January 1991


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-91-05.


In this paper we present the description and experiments with a tightly coupled Hand-Eye-Arm manipulatory system. We explain the philosophy and the motivation for building a tightly coupled system that actually consists of very autonomous modules that communicate with each other via a central coordinator. We describe each of the modules in the system and their interactions with each other. We highlight the need for sensory driven manipulation, and explain how the above system, where the hand is equipped with multiple tactile sensors, is capable of both manipulating unknown objects, but also detecting and complying in the case of collisions. We explain the partition of the control of the system into various closed loops, representing coordination both at the level of gross manipulator motions as well as fine motions. We describe the various modes that the system can work in, as well as some of the experiments that are being currently performed using this system.



Date Posted: 09 August 2007