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Technical Report

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March 1991


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-91-31.


The timed behavior of distributed real-time systems can be specified using a formalism called Communicating Shared Resources, or CSR. The underlying computation model of CSR is resource-based in which multiple resources execute synchronously, while processes assigned to the same resource are interleaved according to their priorities. CSR bridges the gap between an abstract computation model and implementation environments, but is too complex to be treated as a process algebra. We therefore give a calculus for CSR (CCSR), that provides the ability to perform equivalence proofs by syntactic manipulation. We illustrate how a CSR specification can be translated into the CCSR formalism using a periodic timed producer-consumer example, and how a translated CSR specification can be shown correct using syntactic manipulations.



Date Posted: 07 August 2007