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Technical Report

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December 1990


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-90-91.


In order to enhance TraumAID, a system that provides decision support in the initial definitive management of multiple trauma, TSARR (TraumAID System for Anatomical Representation and Reasoning) has been designed to address the need for greater depth in TraumAID's understanding of anatomical reasoning. TSARR provides a framework for representing a three-dimensional model of relevant parts of the body; utilizing this model, TSARR is able to calculate three-dimensional representations of paths of injury, generated from wound locations input to the system. Using these paths, the system hypothesizes which anatomical structures in the patient might have been injured due to their location along a possible path of an injury. In the future, TraumAID will be able to utilize this information to focus its attention more accurately on specific areas of the body that have sustained injury.

This work has been done in conjunction with the TraumAID project being conducted by Professor Bonnie Webber of the University of Pennsylvania and by Dr. John R. Clarke, MD, of the Medical College of Pennsylvania.



Date Posted: 05 August 2007