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Technical Report

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November 1992


University of PEnnsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Tchnical Report No. MS-CIS-92-80.


Declarative programming languages often fail to effectively address many aspects of control and resource management. Linear logic provides a framework for increasing the strength of declarative programming languages to embrace these aspects. Linear logic has been used to provide new analyses of Prolog's operational semantics, including left-to-right/depth-first search and negation-as-failure. It has also been used to design new logic programming languages for handling concurrency and for viewing program clauses as (possibly) limited resources. Such logic programming languages have proved useful in areas such as databases, object-oriented programming, theorem proving, and natural language parsing.

This workshop is intended to bring together researchers involved in all aspects of relating linear logic and logic programming. The proceedings includes two high-level overviews of linear logic, and six contributed papers.

Workshop organizers: Jean-Yves Girard (CNRS and University of Paris VII), Dale Miller (chair, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), and Remo Pareschi, (ECRC, Munich).



Date Posted: 25 July 2007