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Technical Report

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November 1994


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-94-57.


We present a novel, robust, integrated approach to segmentation shape and motion estimation of articulated objects. Initially, we assume the object consists of a single part, and we fit a deformable model to the given data using our physics-based framework. As the object attains new postures, we decide based on certain criteria if and when to replace the initial model with two new models. These criteria are based on the model's state and the given data. We then fit the models to the data using a novel algorithm for assigning forces from the data to the two models, which allows partial overlap between them and determination of joint location. This approach is applied iteratively until all the object's moving parts are identified. Furthermore, we define new global deformations and we demonstrate our technique in a series of experiments, where Kalman filtering is employed to account for noise and occlusion.



Date Posted: 16 July 2007