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Technical Report

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January 2000


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-00-21.


The wide availability of public domain IPsec implementations allows the creation of VPNs based on low-cost platforms. However, setting up a VPN node involves a lot of work such as the creation of IPsec Security Associations and associated tunnels, including the necessary management of keys. Moreover, routing and firewall facilities must be provided to ensure the isolation of the members of the VPN from the public Internet. In this paper we present a drop-in VPN node that is compact, low-cost and requires little administration or maintenance. We discuss the features and advantages of our system. Next, we demonstrate how this system was used for the creation of a VPN linking networks within the University campus with others located in outside locations (e.g. other companies, home networks etc.) Finally, we present our evaluation of the work performed and describe our future plans.



Date Posted: 21 June 2007