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Technical Report

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January 2000


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-00-05.


Almost all imaging systems require some form of registration. A few examples are aligning medical images for diagnosis, matching stereo images to recover shape, and comparing facial images in a database to recognize people. Given the difficulty of registering images taken at different times, using different sensors, from different positions, registration algorithms come in different shapes and sizes.

Recently, a new type of solution to the registration problem has emerged, based on information theory. In particular, the mutual information similarity metric has been used to register multi-modal medical images. Mutual information compares the statistical dependence between the two images. Unlike many other registration techniques, mutual information makes few a priori assumptions about the surface properties of the object or the imaging process, making it adaptible to changes in lighting and changes between sensors. The method can be applied to larger dimensional registration and many other imaging situations.

In this report, we compare two approaches taken towards the implementation of rigid 2D mutual information image registration. We look further at algorithm speedup and noise reduction efforts. A full background is provided.



Date Posted: 06 November 2006