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Abstract—MAGICCARPET is a new approach to defending systems against exploitable processor bugs. MAGICCARPET uses hardware to detect violations of invariants involving security-critical processor state and uses firmware to correctly push software’s state past the violations. The invariants are specified at run time. MAGICCARPET focuses on dynamically validating updates to security-critical processor state. In this work, (1) we generate correctness proofs for both MAGICCARPET hardware and firmware; (2) we prove that processor state and events never violate our security invariants at runtime; and (3) we show that MAGICCARPET copes with hardware-based exploits discovered post-fabrication using a combination of verified reconfigurations of invariants in the fabric and verified recoveries via reprogrammable software. We implement MAGICCARPET inside a popular open source processor on an FPGA platform. We evaluate MAGICCARPET using a diverse set of hardware-based attacks based on escaped and exploitable commercial processor bugs. MAGICCARPET is able to detect and recover from all tested attacks with no software run-time overhead in the attack-free case.



Date Posted: 31 August 2016