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University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-84-03.


A system called TEMPUS is outlined which is being developed to simulate graphically the task-oriented activities of several human agents in a three-dimensional environment. TEMPUS is a task simulation facility for the evaluation of complex workstations vis-a-vis the normal and emergency procedures they are intended to support and the types and number of individuals who must carry them out. TEMPUS allows a user to interactively:

* Create one or more human figures which are correctly scaled according to a specific population, or which meet certain size constraints.

* View the human figure in any of several graphical modes: stick figure, line or shaded polygons, or shaded BUBBLEPERSON.

* Position the figure in any admissible position within joint angle constraints, and with the assistance of a robotics reach positioning algorithm for limbs.

* Combine the figures with three-dimensional polyhedral objects derived from an existing CAD system.

* Create shaded graphics images of bodies in such environments.

* Use all TEMPUS features in an extensible and uniform user-friendly interactive system which does not require any explicit programming knowledge.

A brief summary of the software engineering of this system in a University environment is included. Other features of TEMPUS and differences between TEMPUS and other available body modeling systems are also discussed.


Human body modeling, interactive systems, 3D raster graphics, applications



Date Posted: 05 January 2016