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The model-based implementation is to derive an implementation from a model that has been shown to meet requirements. Even though this approach can be used to guarantee that an implementation satisfies functional requirements that are shown to be correct at the model level, it is still challenging to assure timing requirements at the implementation level. We propose a layered approach in testing timing requirements conformance of implemented systems developed by model-based implementation. In our approach, the abstraction boundary of the implemented system is formally defined using Parnas' four-variables model. Then, the proposed approach tests timing aspects of the interaction between the auto-generated code and the target platform-dependent code based on the four-variables. This approach aims at not only detecting the timing requirement violation, but also at measuring delay-segments that contribute to the timing deviation of the implemented system w.r.t. the model. We show the case study of testing timing requirements of an infusion pump system to illustrate the applicability of the proposed framework.

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CPS Model-Based Design

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Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (Date 2014), Dresden, Germany



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abstraction boundary, autogenerated code, functional requirements, infusion pump system, model based implementation, target platform dependent code, testing timing

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Date Posted: 17 September 2014

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