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Slonneger, D., Croop, M., Cytryn, J., Kider, J., Rabbitz, R., Halpern, E., & Badler, N., Human Model Reaching, Grasping, Looking and Sitting Using Smart Objects, International Ergonomic Association-Digital Human Modeling, June 2011


Manually creating convincing animated human motion in a 3D ergonomic test environment is tedious and time consuming. However, procedural motion generators help animators efficiently produce complex and realistic motions. Using the concept of a Human Modeling Software Testbed (HMST), we created novel procedural methods for animating reaching, grasping, looking, and sitting using the environmental context of ‘smart’ objects that parametrically guide human model ergonomic motions. This approach enabled complicated procedures such as collision-free leg reach and contextual sitting motion generation. By procedurally adding small secondary details to the animation, such as head/eye vision constraints and prehensile grasps, the animated motions look more natural with minimal animator input. A ‘smart’ object in the scene graph provides specific parameters to produce proper motions and final positions. These parameters are applied to the desired figure procedurally to create any secondary motions, and further generalize to any environment. Our system allows users to proceed with any required ergonomic analyses with confidence in the visual validity of the automated motions.



Date Posted: 18 July 2012