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Provided they are uniform in size, monodisperse microbubbles behave as contrast agents to enhance echocardiographic imaging. Compounds like Oleosin 30G with surfactant-like properties help stabilize microbubbles - thereby ensuring their uniform size. Designed herein is an industrial-scale plant to produce medical-grade Oleosin 30G with a process consisting of three steps: 1) upstream production via recombinant E. coli in an integrated batch bioprocessing model, 2) downstream purification, and 3) processing by microfluidic manifolds. Ultimately Oleosin 30G-coated microbubbles are manufactured, ready for injection within one month. Owing to its unique properties and cost-effective production, Oleosin 30G has the potential to outcompete current market leader Definity®. Altogether, overall yield of Oleosin 30G constitutes 7.39 kg/year to provide for 100% market saturation. Financial analysis indicates pursuing Oleosin 30G for echocardiography applications is very profitable with a 296% return on investment and holds potential for production expansion should the market demand increase.



Date Posted: 21 April 2017