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A process to produce 100 million pounds per year of diphenyl carbonate (DPC) based on the phosgene-free oxidative carbonylation of phenol in US Patent 8,212,066 has been designed. In this reaction, phenol reacts directly with carbon monoxide in the presence of a palladium catalyst, an organic co-catalyst or ligand, a redox catalyst, and a base catalyst. The proposed design features a single-reactor system followed by a separation train that includes a vacuum distillation tower, and it produces only water and carbon monoxide as byproducts. Detailed process and unit descriptions, an in- depth economic analysis, and environmental concerns and other considerations are also included. The net present value of this project was determined to be $51,560,200 with a return on investment of 37.69% and an internal rate of return of 36.1%.



Date Posted: 25 July 2014