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The Robert Schuman Foundation





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The Robert Schuman Foundation that was founded in 1991 after the fall of the Berlin Wall has been approved by the State for its services to the public; it works to promote the construction of Europe. The Foundation which is a reference research centre develops studies on the European Union and its policies promoting the content of these in France, Europe and elsewhere in the world. It encourages, contributes to and stimulates European debate thanks to the wealth of its research, publications and the organisation of conferences.

The Robert Schuman Foundation is established in Paris and Brussels and is a venue for research in an open, multinational network. The Foundation, which is a centre renowned for its research on the European Union, has provided itself with the task of maintaining the spirit and inspiration of one of the "Founder Fathers" of Europe, namely Robert Schuman and of promoting European values and ideals both within the Union's frontiers as well as beyond.


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The Robert Schuman Foundation