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Sall, Michael. "Brand Identification and Advertisement Appreciation of Online, Print, and TV Advertisements." Wharton Scholars Research Journal. University of Pennsylvania. April 2009.


This study explores the effects of media type (including online, print, and TV), advertisement shape, and online animation level on advertising responses such as recall, recognition, attitude, and purchase intent. The study examined a set of 1636 surveys, each collecting consumer responses to an individual advertisement, conducted by the consumer research and consulting firm OTX Research. The findings showed that underlying the considered measures were two factors, brand identification and advertisement appreciation, and that media type and advertisement shape produced significant differences in these factors. While online advertisements had the highest brand identification, TV advertisements had the highest advertisement appreciation. Additionally, the three advertisement characteristics were able to effectively discriminate between high and low levels of these factors. The findings allow for intuitive explanations of how consumer engagement and sought experiences may be producing the comparative effects of online, print and TV advertisements.


TV, media, branding

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Date Posted: 02 September 2010