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Big data’s diverse applications for the modern data deluge span problems and industries. While offering titular possibilities, is big data an area of serious corporate inquiry or is it a source of hype?

This research seeks to add to the growing body of management literature on big data. C-suite architecture additions of a CIO and/or a CTO demonstrate an environment for and increased BDA mindset. A review of the annual letter to the shareholder is a proxy for the external narrative of a big data strategy.

To measure correlation between C-suite structure and outward narrative, a regression for eight industries, from 2011 to 2014, measure correlation between external and organizational positioning. Additional regressions examine industry-sensitivity and leader-laggard dynamics. Five of the eight industries demonstrate correlation between architectural repositioning and perceived investor support for big data, indicating that big data intensive C-suite architecture correlates with letter to the shareholder big data emphasis.


Big Data, C-Suite, Letter to the Shareholder, Organizational Positioning, External Positioning

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Date Posted: 09 August 2016