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February 2003


Postprint version. Copyright American Physical Society. Published in Physical Review Letters, Volume 90, Issue 6, Article 065503, February 14, 2003, pages 87-93.
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We measured thermoelectric power S of bulk single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) materials p-doped with acids. In contrast to oxygen-exposed or degassed samples, S is very small at the lowest temperatures, increases super-linearly above a characteristic and sample-dependent T, and then levels off. We attribute this unusual behavior to 1-D phonon drag, in which the depression of the Fermi energy cuts off electron-phonon scattering at temperatures below a characteristic T0. This idea is supported by a model calculation in which the low temperature behavior of phonon drag is specifically related to the one-dimensional character of the electronic spectrum.



Date Posted: 02 February 2005

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