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ACM/IEEE Third International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS 2012), held as part of CPSWeek , in Beijing, China, April 2012. (Invited Paper)


The concept of “system of systems” architecture is increasingly prevalent in many critical domains. Such systems allow information to be pulled from a variety of sources, analyzed to discover correlations and trends, stored to enable realtime and post-hoc assessment, mined to better inform decisionmaking, and leveraged to automate control of system units. In contrast, medical devices typically have been developed as monolithic stand-alone units. However, a vision is emerging of a notion of a medical application platform (MAP) that would provide device and health information systems (HIS) interoperability, safety critical network middleware, and an execution environment for clinical applications (“apps”) that offer numerous advantages for safety and effectiveness in health care delivery.

In this paper, we present the clinical safety/effectiveness and economic motivations for MAPs, and describe key characteristics of MAPs that are guiding the search for appropriate technology, regulatory, and ecosystem solutions. We give an overview of the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) – one particular achitecture for MAPs, and the Medical Device Coordination Framework – a prototype implementation of the ICE architecture.


computing platform, medical device, interoperability, safety-critical systems, certification



Date Posted: 14 August 2012

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