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Postprint version. Published in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 89, Issue 2, October 2003.
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We propose an integrated framework to test and monitor code generated from hybrid models for embedded systems. The framework consists of the following elements: First, we create testing automata as a controlled environment to produce test traces achieving the desired testing criteria; Second, we synthesize monitoring automata from the behavior specification to check the run-time behavior of the tested system in response to the test traces; Finally, since both automata are encoded in the same language as the system model, the same code generator may be used to generate a tester and a monitor from the testing automata and the monitoring automata, and link them with the code generated from the system model. Our approach yields self-testing and self-monitoring code which may be run both on the simulation level and on the code level. We discuss our approach in its full details through an example on a SONY AIBO robotic dog.

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July 2003



Date Posted: 25 May 2005

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