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Prasanna Tambe


Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRS) has quickly become the backbone of the healthcare delivery ecosystem in developed countries. Their reaches range from insurance to billing to physician charting. Despite the mainstream use of EMRS in developed countries, their implementation in low-resource settings has faced more barriers and challenges. During the development of EMRS, the concerns, hurdles, and considerations of developed nations are what were used as inspiration when designing these systems. This thesis explores the use of effective User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design to help lower the accessibility barriers associated with EMRS implementation and usage in low-resource settings. Through this thesis, a pilot study was done on 10 users to assess how the proposed EMRS with the necessary UI/UX design implementations would impact the operational efficiency in low-resource settings. The pilot study was based on the workflow in a cancer clinic in Botswana to assess how UI/UX changes would expedite and ease care delivery in such settings with limited healthcare professionals and technology. The study compared the ease of use and efficiency of the proposed system with a commonly implemented, free open-source EMRS, known as “OpenEMR”, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Through the results obtained, it was shown that the proposed workflow was able to reduce workflow times by up to 300% for commonly done tasks such as data entry and data retrieval across both highly experienced and novice EMRS users.


EMRS. electronic medical record systems, low resource settings, developing countries, medicine, operations, decision-making



Date Posted: 25 July 2022


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