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Stephen M. Sammut


Leaders in policy, business and healthcare, while receptive to the potential of precision medicine applications, often struggle with finding a consistent and standardized approach for both evaluating their health system’s current readiness for the practical implementation and integration of precision medicine and elucidating the capabilities for future growth. This paper discusses the necessary functions of business producers, resource funders, and regulatory governors to incentivize, establish, and build a continuously growing economic marketplace for precision medicine technologies. Under the broader faculty of precision medicine implementation, the innovation ecosystem refers to the various forms of novel developments in precision medicine and include new products, firms, technology, business models, behavioral changes and policies. Four foundational areas and their corresponding capabilities are studied in the paper: (1) Innovation Governance, (2) Innovation Financing, (3) Community and Partnerships and (4) Workforce and Infrastructure. The potential for international and national-level frameworks informed by this paper and early pilot projects aim to support the development of standards and guidelines that will inform precision medicine policies and regulations.


precision medicine, innovation ecosystems, implementation, governance, financing, partnerships



Date Posted: 15 June 2021


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