Transfer Pricing: An Analysis Of The Impact Of Player Brand Value On Transfer Fees In European Football

Karl Valentini, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Thesis or dissertation


In the past decade, the English Premier League has dramatically grown its commercial appeal and global audience. Yet, there has been little research on how the league’s growth could change the dynamics of the labour market for players. This study provides a unique framework for investigating player brand value through media coverage and exposure in order to determine its impact on player worth. Measuring player worth through the transfer fees that clubs pay to acquire players, this study provides insights on which factors are most predictive of transfer fee amounts. Throughout this study’s analysis, machine learning techniques are implemented and compared in order to assess the impacts of player brand value and determine a best fit model for predicting transfer fees. This study finds evidence that player brand value affects transfer fees and that the affect changes over time, but it concludes that more research is still needed.


Date Posted: 04 December 2020