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Adam Grant


This paper investigates the effects of self-compassion interventions on creativity after reflecting on a past procrastination experience. The experimental survey ran on Amazon Mechanical Turk (“MTurk”) in April 2018. Over 400 participants were randomized according to the 2x2 factorial design into four groups: a self-kindness intervention group, a common humanity intervention group, a combined self-kindness and common humanity group, and a control group. Participants first completed pre-survey measures that measured trait self-compassion, guilt and shame proneness, and attributional causes. After being asked to reflect on a time they procrastinated that made them feel badly about themselves, participants completed a self-compassion or control writing task. Emotional affect and state self-compassion were then measured. Lastly, participants completed a written business proposal to measure creativity. Creativity scores were not significantly higher for those who received a self-compassion intervention, and were in fact highest in the control group, although not significantly so.


procrastination, self-compassion, self compassion, creativity, self-kindness, common humanity



Date Posted: 13 August 2018


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