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The purpose of El Agua Es Oro (The Water is Gold) is to satisfy social needs, specifically for women living in peri-urban areas, with a more advanced efficiency. El Agua Es Oro creates an added value for people’s well-being by maximizing socio-environmental context and not just focusing on for-profit economics. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to generate economic resources to sustain the impact that the organization seeks to achieve. El Agua Es Oro is a social enterprise based on the application of social innovation with the methodology and tools of a people-centered design, focusing on teenage girls and women. The foundations of the project and the pre-conceived idea were born from the informal field work that was carried out with a small community in Cochabamba, Bolivia, based on the women’s needs to access greater hygiene and sanitation. The core of the social project showed the difficulties faced in the area, from socio-environmental problems, going through the lack of access to water, to the lack of public initiatives from the State and non-profit organizations for the community. To ensure the sustainability of the planned intervention, this project plan has been carried out as informal fieldwork and research for more than a year. The project is divided into segments that identify the analysis of the macro environment, implement the strategic marketing, determine the resources needed, design the operations, and finally analyze the assessment of viability.



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