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Eleanor Allen is a global water expert dedicated to helping millions of people access the safe and sustainable water and sanitation services needed to save lives, stay healthy, earn more money, and thrive. Eleanor is fiercely passionate about improving the state of the world with respect to water and sanitation. She has dedicated her career to this goal, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic, then as a consulting engineer (at CH2M/Jacobs and Arcadis), and now as the CEO of Water For People. Eleanor has lived and worked all over the world. As a professional civil engineer, business executive, and CEO, she has led large global and regional operations, managed projects and programs, developed business and raised funds, and designed water and wastewater treatment plants. Eleanor believes that societal change can be accelerated through social entrepreneurship and the efforts of organizations like Water For People. This article tells the story of Eleanor’s inspirational life and career journey, provides technical aspects of her current work, and shares her encouraging message on living life with a purpose to young water enthusiasts.