Unbinding Prometheus aims to practice an open, free, inclusive, progressive pedagogy which fosters collaboration and partnership between individuals, groups and institutions interested in re-envisioning the relationship between learning and the arts in the 21st century.

Arts and humanities education are today under great stress. We believe that working together, thinking together and imagining together with the whole community of stakeholders is the best way to produce radical and humane solutions to the serious dilemmas scholarship and the arts face today.

We hope Unbinding Prometheus begins to think through and perhaps enact some of the ways we can collectively break the chains which at present seem to bind us.

Many of Unbinding Prometheus's pedagogical methods are designed to fulfill key aspects of the Penn compact. We aim:

  • To increase access to Penn's exceptional intellectual resources by creating open programming accessible to and engaging with the wider community
  • To integrate knowledge across academic disciplines by bringing together faculty and students from many departments, hubs and centres of learning at Penn around a collective, ongoing, multifaceted Project
  • To “engage locally, nationally, and globally to bring the benefits of Penn's research, teaching, and service to individuals and communities at home and around the world." The Unbinding Prometheus Project brings artists and scholars from institutions around the globe to Penn to teach and learn with our students and faculty, thus deepening our connections to the global academic community. We also create MOOCs which are free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. These MOOCs will, we trust, bring high-quality, Penn-based scholarship to interested parties around the world.

Our director of Education and Pedagogy is Prof. Michelle Taransky.

You can learn more about our educational initiatives here.

Unbinding Prometheus Team Members & Project Advisers:

  • Eric Alan Weinstein
  • Michelle Taransky
  • David McKnight
  • Omar Miranda
  • Jonathan Gross
  • Leigh Hershkovich
  • Suzanne Barnett
  • Kelly Lincoln
  • Tim Cartlidge
  • Sarah Sahyoun
  • Emeritus: Marcia Hepps, James Schlatter and Peter Schwarz


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