Unbinding Prometheus Project Education Initiatives

Unbinding Prometheus Project Education Initiatives

Working alongside Eric Alan Weinstein, Michelle Taransky will be overseeing a series of educational initiatives.

These will include:

  • Engaging with educators from a wide array of high schools, universities and community colleges to think creatively and collaboratively about the best use of our Digital Humanities scholarly resources in a variety of educational contexts;
  • Creating a series of critical and creative writing prompts specific to different educational environments for classroom use;
  • Overseeing the creation of a collaborative space for new educational materials, curriculum units and lesson plans which feature romantic poetry, Percy Shelley and Prometheus Unbound;
  • Encouraging teachers in the Philadelphia area to come to and participate in the Penn Shelley Seminars;
  • Engaging with educators in our MOOC in ways that empower them and enable them to bring the fruits of their engagements back into their classrooms;
  • Initiating opportunities for professional development between teachers, professors and other education professionals;
  • Working with professional bodies and educational organizations such as the National Writing Project and the National Council of Teachers of English to create communities of interest and opportunities for learning and scholarship.

In the coming months, we will begin to develop areas of the PCDI dedicated to each of these initiatives and goals. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and insights. The more we all collaborate, the better the project will be. Come and join us.