Undergraduate Humanities Forum 2005-6: Word & Image

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2005-2006 Penn Humanities Forum on Word & Image, Undergraduate Mellon Research Fellows.

URL: http://humanities.sas.upenn.edu/05-06/mellon_uhf.shtml


Of life-size height, with crossed hands on her lap, she watched me calmly and intensely, aware of her beauty and immeasurable power. Behind her, in bright hues glowed flowers and fruit. The woman appeared as if she herself was born of their gleam, but at the same time she does not merge with it, her image does not get lost in its light. She distinguishes herself; she stands apart, filling the canvas with the lightness of the nuanced tones of her festive dress, with the piercing whiteness of her face and hands. Unsurpassed in her beauty, the Mona Lisa, and also magnificent like her in dignity, the Bulgarian Madonna.



Date Posted: 27 July 2007