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Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Symposium on Information Theory



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Many natural systems, including chemical and biological systems, can be modeled using stochastic switching circuits. These circuits consist of stochastic switches, called pswitches, which operate with a fixed probability of being open or closed. We study the effect caused by introducing an error of size ∊ to each pswitch in a stochastic circuit. We analyze two constructions--simple series-parallel and general series-parallel circuits--and prove that simple series-parallel circuits are robust to small error perturbations, while general series-parallel circuits are not. Specifically, the total error introduced by perturbations of size less than ∊ is bounded by a constant multiple of ∊ in a simple series-parallel circuit, independent of the size of the circuit. However, the same result does not hold in the case of more general series-parallel circuits. In the case of a general stochastic circuit, we prove that the overall error probability is bounded by a linear function of the number of pswitches.



Date Posted: 27 November 2017