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June 2003


To examine firearm dealer willingness to sell when a handgun is being purchased for another person. US law requires a background check of the purchaser but not the end user of a firearm.

A total of 120 handgun dealers (six from each of the 20 largest US cities with 10 or more dealers) participated in telephone interviews. Dealers within each city were randomly assigned to a male or female interviewer and then randomly assigned to one of three purchase conditions—when the consumer said that the handgun was for him/herself, a gift for a girl/boyfriend, or for a girl/boyfriend "because s/he needs it".


Reprinted from Injury Prevention, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2003, pages 147-150.
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At the time of publication, author Susan Sorenson was affiliated with the UCLA School of Public Health. Currently December 2006, she is a faculty member in the School of Social Practice and Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.



Date Posted: 21 December 2006

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