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January 2003


To estimate how many Californians know a victim of domestic violence, to examine their knowledge of certain characteristics of the violence, and to estimate and examine such knowledge among specific demographic groups. A total of 3713 California adults (similar numbers of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and other Asian Americans) completed a random-digit-dial interview. Respondents were asked whether a friend, relative, or coworker had been threatened or harmed by an intimate partner. Weights were applied to the cross-sectional sample to obtain estimates for the general population. Descriptive statistics and multivariate regressions were used with the full sample.


Reprinted from Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, Volume 58, Issue 1, 2003, pages 4-9.
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NOTE: At the time of publication, author Susan Sorenson was affiliated with UCLA School of Public Health. Currently December 2006, she is a faculty member of the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania.

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