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Jose Miguel Abito


This paper explores the existing methodology used to assess nonprofit organizations. Across the literature, there is no consensus as to which is the most effective way to evaluate a nonprofit’s work. Different opinions exist as to which aspects of the organizations are most influential in achieving the most impact on beneficiaries. Nonprofit evaluations allow organizations to determine areas where they are operating effectively and places where they can improve. It also will enable individuals to assess which organization to support and engage for donations to produce better outcomes. This will add to the current literature upon nonprofit evaluation by bringing together already proven models and highlighting their most substantial aspects. A literature review, interviews with experts in the field and analysis of current charity review sites were conducted. Utilising this framework, I assess three nonprofits working towards economic inclusion. This will test its thoroughness and provide conclusions as to the aspects analysed that proved most influential to achieve programmatic success and long term impact. Self-reported information, financial statements, third-party evaluations, and interviews with the leadership staff were conducted for the development of these assessments. Using a framework such as the one proposed will bring greater clarity for donors to choose what nonprofit to support that will achieve the best impact and provide a source nonprofits can refer to improve their operations.


nonprofit organizations, economic inclusion, operations, resources, impact evaluation, livelihood development, poverty



Date Posted: 09 October 2020


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