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Djordjija Petkoski


This paper aims to analyze the perception and impact of educational technologies (EdTechs) in Latin America through the case studies of Brazil and Mexico, the two largest markets for EdTechs in Latin America. The main methodology of data collection used throughout this paper is qualitative interviews with entrepreneurs, foundations, and investors in the field. Additionally, the research is supported by literature reviews that provide a more holistic, macro-level perspective about the topic of interest. Based on the information collected, it can be deduced that entrepreneurs had a very critical opinion of the current state of education in their respective countries. That being said, they believe that technological solutions will pave the way for a better education by completely disrupting the traditional model of education. Some common themes explored in the paper revolve around the ideas of the most effective EdTech models, the difficulties with the measurement of impact, and the barriers that still exist in making these technologies scalable.


educational technology, edtech, education, Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, measurements of impact



Date Posted: 04 December 2018


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