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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 477, a collection of sermons, probably compiled from multiple sources, belonging to a preacher, probably Dominican. Many marginal notes, some indicating the liturgical season or the theme of a sermon, a few noting a cited source (including Ambrose, Gamaliel, and Isidore). Also excerpts from De animalibus, attributed to Aristotle (f.3r-4r, 61r-68r); notes on natural history including information on birds and insects, arranged alphabetically, followed by information on metals (f. 4r-10v); and excerpts from Isidore's Etymologies (f. 56r-60v). The lower center margin of each page contains a sequential number, often repeated for multiple pages, that indicates a section or possibly a source; as the manuscript is currently bound, the sequence is 34-37, 1-15, which suggests that the current beginning (f. 1r-12v) was originally at the end of or later in this manuscript, with a large number of leaves after the existing end missing. Numbers in the upper center margin (15-18, 22-36) seem meant to serve the same function, though the sections in the two schemes do not always correspond; they are later than those in the lower margin. In each numbered section, the columns are assigned letters and each column is divided from top to bottom into 9 segments, allowing cross-references by section, column, and segment; there are numerous cross-references in this form throughout the manuscript, contemporaneous with the section numbers in the lower margin. The quality of the parchment is quite low, with a number of holes and defects. The Hebrew inscription (f. 20v), possibly in the same ink as some of the cross-reference numbers in between the columns but written after them, consists of the Hebrew alphabet in 2 lines, including both regular and terminal forms, and the first 3 verses of the Song of Solomon.

Written in England, perhaps at the Dominican Convent in Oxford, ca. 1250.

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Sermons Latin--Early works to 1800, Natural history--Early works to 1800, Zoology--Pre-Linnean works, Codices, Anthologies, Diagrams, Sermons, Manuscripts Latin--13th century, Manuscripts Medieval


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Penn Library's LJS 477 - [Florilegium]. (Video Orientation)