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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 473, an unattributed copy of Benedetto Cotrugli's treatise on ships and shipbuilding, composed in 1464-1465, including information on cartography, construction and use of the compass, types of ships, and meteorology and astronomy for use in navigation. Includes references to classical and medieval authors, which at the beginning of the manuscript are noted in the margins with red ink (f. 1v-4r). Dedicated to the doge (Cristoforo Moro, who served 1462-1471) and senate of Venice.

Written in northeastern Italy, probably Venice, in 1464 (f. 19v) and 1465 (f. 66v).

Record on Franklin, with link to a digital copy:

Record on Internet Archive, with a link to PDF:


Navigation -- Mediterranean Region -- Early works to 1800, Naval art and science -- Italy -- Venice -- Early works to 1800, Shipbuilding -- Italy -- Venice -- Early works to 1800, Astronomy -- Early works to 1800, Astronomy, Shipbuilding, Naval art and science, Navigation, Italy -- Venice, Mediterranean Region, codices (bound manuscripts), diagrams, treatises, Tables (Data), Tables (Data), Manuscripts Italian -- 15th century, Manuscripts Renaissance


History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Renaissance Studies

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Penn Library's LJS 473 - [De navigatione]. (Video Orientation)