Penn Library's LJS 471 - [Medical manual and prescriptions] ... [etc.]. (Video Orientation)



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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 471, a volume of 14th-century Latin medical works translated into Hebrew. The first work, a manual and numbered collection of prescriptions attributed to Gentilis Fulginas, professor of medicine at Perugia and Padua, comprises over half the volume. Smaller works follow: Sefer Tsirurgia, part of Florentine physician Dinus del Garbo's De emplastris et unguentis (followed by a numbered list of prescriptions in Fulginas's work and a list of the first 18 prescriptions in Sefer Tsirurgia); Mavo bi-melakhah, Abraham Avigdor's translation of Bernardo Alberti's Introductorium in practica pro provectis; and a small group of additional prescriptions titled Mafteaḥ ha-sodot. Prescriptions added by a later hand inside the original lower cover. Marginal section headings or numbers and occasional marginal notes.

Written in Italy, ca. 1490.

Record on Franklin, with link to a digital copy:

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Penn Library's LJS 471 - [Medical manual and prescriptions] ... [etc.]. (Video Orientation)