Penn Library's Ms. Codex 1671 - [Collection of alchemical works on distillation] (Video Orientation)



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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's Ms. Codex 1671, a collection of works on distillation, fermentation, and other chemistry-related procedures divided into sections according to vegetable (p. 1), animal (p. 141), or mineral (p. 163). The first section includes general discussion of chemistry and the history of fermentation (p. 77) with a portion devoted to beer (p. 81) as well as practical instructions for making tinctures and spirits of different plant substances such as dragon's blood (p. 119) and rosemary (p. 23) and the preparation of cocoa butter (p. 37). The second section includes subjects such as coagulation (p. 142), the distillation of egg whites (p. 144) and deer horn (p. 152), and the properties of milk (p. 143). The third section encompasses discussion of substances such as sea salt, antimony, gold, silver, mercury, arsenic, and amber. Also includes a detailed list of contents at the beginning (p. i).

Written in France[?] in the second half of the 18th century.

Part of the Charles Rainsford Collection of Alchemical and Occult Manuscripts (University of Pennsylvania)

Digital copies and a full record are available through Franklin:


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Penn Library's Ms. Codex 1671 - [Collection of alchemical works on distillation] (Video Orientation)