Penn Library's Ms. Codex 1678 - Liber Piccatriciae. (Video Orientation)



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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's Ms. Codex 1678, a Latin translation of an Arabic magical handbook copied from the Spanish-language version. The text is a conglomeration of older magical and astrological works and is not clearly organized, but deals primarily with subjects such as talismans, lunar phases, and zodiac signs. Sections also include practical applications for performing magic with the use of talismans and sigils. The text draws on numerous authors and traditions, with a section devoted to discussing Indian astrological and ascetic traditions (p. 168), but also references Egyptian history, Islam, and pseudo-Aristotelian works. Also includes a table of contents at the end (p. i-x).

Written in France[?] in the second half of the 18th century.

Digital copies and a full record are available through Franklin:


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Penn Library's Ms. Codex 1678 - Liber Piccatriciae. (Video Orientation)