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Penn Library's LJS 382 - [Alchemical compendium]. (Video Orientation)



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Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 328, a collection of alchemical notes gathered by Georg Hayniger of Dormpoch, near Vienna, ca. 1476. Includes recipes, with several for potable gold (aurus potabilis) and tincture of cinnabar (tinctura de cinobrio), suggesting a focus on medical applications of alchemy, and with some notes on efficacy; diagrams; and 2 lists of alchemical works (f. 2v-3r, 4v-5r), with references to authors such as Arnaldus de Villanova, Ramon Lull, Johannes de Rupescissa, and Albertus Magnus. It also contains 6 drawings of laboratory apparatus, including alembics and furnaces, several of which can be seen in this video.

Digital copies and a full record are available through Franklin:


Alchemy -- Early works to 1800, Alchemy, Alchemy -- Bibliography, Medicine -- Formulae receipts prescriptions -- Early works to 1800, Medicine -- Formulae receipts prescriptions, Codices, Diagrams, Drawings (visual works), Recipes, Manuscripts Latin, Manuscripts German, Manuscripts Czech, Manuscripts Medieval, Manuscripts Renaissance.


History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

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Penn Library's LJS 382 - [Alchemical compendium]. (Video Orientation)