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Work 1, the title of which refers to the "Italian war," seems to concern the War of the League of Cambrai against Venice; a prefatory note and an opening rubric (f. 1v and 2r) appear to make reference to the treaty of Cambrai (tractat zu Camerich), which was concluded in 1529. The work seems particularly concerned with the role of Maximilian I, who is named at the outset of the text (f. 2r) and whose death on 12 January 1519 (f. 116r) is discussed in the conclusion; otherwise, dates referenced in the text are 1511 (f. 31r), 1512 (f. 37r), 1513 (f. 73v), and 1514 (f. 97r). Work 2, which is written in a more formal and possibly a different hand than the other 3 works, concerns a prophecy about the year 1400; it mentions Christians and Jews (f. 121r, 122v, 124v), an emperor (f.125r), and a campaign against Venice (f. 124r). Work 3 concerns the life of a certain ruler (Sophi) of Persia who died at the age of 33 (f. 134v); it mentions his intention to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem (f. 132v) and his belief in Jesus's divinity, death and resurrection (f. 133r-133v). Work 4 is in the form of an imperial letter from Maximilian I; it touches upon matters pertaining to Christian belief (f. 135v), the Christian world (f. 135v and 137r), and Jerusalem (f. 136r and 137r). Works 3 and 4 may be related, since the closing of work 4 seems to allude to the deeds of Sophi (f. 137r).

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Maximilian I Holy Roman Emperor 1459-1519, Cambrai League of 1508, Prophecy, Prophecies, Italy -- Prophecies -- Early works to 1800, Holy Roman Empire -- Foreign relations -- Italy -- Venice, Italy, Codices, Manuscripts German, Manuscripts Renaissance


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion | Renaissance Studies


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