Facsimile of LJS 450, Compendium of legal texts

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Collection of treatises on civil law, including both Roman law and canon law, compiled in Italy. Angelo degli Ubaldi, Baldo degli Ubaldi, Giovanni d'Andrea, Jacobus de Arena, and Martino da Fano are all represented by multiple treatises, with other authors also present. A number of works by Bartolo of Sassoferrato in the last third of the manuscript include his Tractatus de Guelfis et Ghibellinis (f. 224v-226v) and his Tractatus Tiberiadis (f. 293r-322r), which contains numerous diagrams. Marginal annotations and manicules by various contemporary and later hands. Final bifolia with table of contents preserved separately and stored with manuscript. Two 12th-century parchment bifolia used as pastedowns also removed and preserved separately and stored with the manuscript; from an Italian antiphonal probably made in central Italy, they contain chants for Easter and its octave, with text in protogothic script and notation in Beneventan neumes on 3-line staves ruled in metalpoint with the line above the text traced in red.


Civil law--Italy, Guelfs and Ghibellines, Gregorian chants--Manuscripts Codices, Treatises, Diagrams, Gregorian chant, Manuscripts Latin--12th century, Manuscripts Latin--15th century, Manuscripts Medieval, Manuscripts Renaissance

Facsimile of LJS 450, Compendium of legal texts