Facsimile of LJS 101, Periermenias Aristotelis ... etc.

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9th-century copy of Boethius's Latin translation of Aristotle's De interpretatione, referred to in the manuscript as Periermenias, with the shorter of two commentaries that Boethius wrote on that work. Replacement leaves added in the 11th century to the beginning (f. 1-4) and end (f. 45-64) of the manuscript, in addition to providing the beginning and end of the Boethius (which is probably lacking 2 gatherings between extant gatherings 6 and 7), include the Perihermeniae attributed to Apuleius in the medieval period, a poem by Decimus Magnus Ausonius on the seven days of Creation, a sample letter of a monk to an abbot with interlinear and marginal glosses, and other miscellaneous verses, definitions, and excerpts.


Illumination of books and manuscripts Carolingian--Specimens, Logic--Early works to 1800 Codices, Commentaries, Diagrams, Illuminations (visual works), Poems, Translations (documents), Treatises, Manuscripts Latin--9th century, Manuscripts Latin--11th century, Manuscripts Medieval

Facsimile of LJS 101, Periermenias Aristotelis ... etc.