Facsimile of LJS 102, Zena nagaromu and hymns

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Account of Creation by the Trinity (Zena nagaromu, f. 1r), followed by hymns (f. 20v, 29v, 38r, 47v, 60r, 85v). Notes added in a different hand in the top margin (indications of day of the week for readings) and at the end of some hymns (f. 38v, 59v); some erased rubrics supplied in blue ink by a modern hand (for example, f. 31r, 40v, 51v, 85v). In addition to the brown thread markers in the upper outer corners of 3 illuminations (f. 36r, 71r, 100r), 2 leaves have a bit of magenta fiber threaded through their side margins (f. 76, 85), which may have served as another form of finding tab.


Hymns Ethiopic, Illumination of books and manuscripts Ethiopian--Specimens, Trinity--Prayers and devotions Codices, Hymns, Illuminations, Manuscripts Ethiopic--20th century, Manuscripts Digital, Finding tabs

Facsimile of LJS 102, Zena nagaromu and hymns