Facsimile of LJS 238, Assise of all manner of breade :

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Table of prescribed weights for varieties of loaves for different prices of wheat, with the heading The statute of wynchestre. Written in Winchester in the 16th century. After a preamble of 8 lines written in a cursive Gothic script, the table of 6 columns of 34 lines in textura script presents the prices of wheat in the first column followed by columns for 5 varieties of loaf (quarter symnell, farthing wastel, white lofe, wheten lof, and household lof). The preamble begins with the heading and a 6-line calligraphic initial in red ink. The columns alternate between red and black ink, with a drawing in faint red ink at the top of each column (a sack of grain over the first, a type of loaf over the others) and a drawing of a scroll in black ink enclosing the heading of each column.


Bakers--England--Early works to 1800, Bread--England--Early works to 1800, Weights and measures--England--Early works to 1800 Manuscripts English--16th century, Manuscripts Renaissance

Facsimile of LJS 238, Assise of all manner of breade :