Facsimile of LJS 265, Liber ruralium commodorum

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A work on agriculture in 12 books harmonizing Roman authors (Varro, Pliny, Palladius) with medieval authors (Avicenna, Albertus Magnus) and practical experience. Topics include plants, vines, trees, the fruit of all these types of plants, meadows, woods, animals, and hunting. At the beginning of the manuscript are a letter to Aymeric of Piacenza (Master General of the Dominican order, 1304-1311), a dedication to Charles II of Anjou (King of Naples, 1288-1309), and a list of chapter headings. A colophon at the end of the manuscript describes the manuscript as having been written on behalf of Cardinal Louis Allerman and set by him to Rome as a gift for Angelotto Fusco, Bishop of Cava and chamberlain of Pope Martin V, but this must have been in the source manuscript from which the present manuscript was copied.


Agriculture--Early works to 1800 Facsimiles, Illuminations, Manuscripts Latin--15th century, Manuscripts Renaissance

Facsimile of LJS 265, Liber ruralium commodorum