Facsimile of LJS 266, La generacion de Adam

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Collection of genealogical and chronicle material, including Biblical genealogy from Adam to Jesus and the apostles; genealogy concerning the Trojan War and the founding of Rome; the legendary history of England and France as founded by descendants of participants in the Trojan War, including the genealogy of Brut and the succeeding line of kings in England up to Coyl; the emperors of Rome; the Holy Emperors starting with Charlemagne; and the kings of France up to Charles V (crowned 1364). The introduction (f. 1r) suggests that the manuscript was meant to trace the kings of England through Richard II (1377-1399) and the popes through one named Innocent and therefore that the manuscript is incomplete.


World history--Early works to 1800 Codices, Chronicles, Genealogies, Manuscripts French--15th century, Manuscripts Medieval

Facsimile of LJS 266, La generacion de Adam