Facsimile of LJS 275, Martinus land sale document

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Document written on parchment in Benevento, Italy, in August of 823, recorded in the document as the seventh year of the principate of Sicone (Licone di Aurenza). Record of the sale of land including a vineyard and orchards in A lo Tuoro by Martinus, son of Forte, and his son, Maius, to Bonepaertus, son of Alfanus, for 4 Beneventan gold soldi and 2 tremisses (three-pence pieces). Signed by 6 witnesses. Written in a single column of 21 lines in the provincial chancery script that developed from Ravenna cursive and from which developed Beneventan bookhand, already in use by this date. 16th-century description on verso.


Real property--Italy--9th century Legal documents, Manuscripts Latin--9th century, Manuscripts Medieval

Facsimile of LJS 275, Martinus land sale document