Facsimile of LJS 300, Calendarium and ephemerides

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Manuscript copy of the Calendarium and Ephemerides as published by Regiomontanus in 1474. The Calendarium, for 1475-1530, gives information on lunar and solar eclipses, the length of days, and the signs of the zodiac and planets. Also includes a table of time corrections (f. 11v) for cities in reference to a longitude of approximately 10 degrees east (thus making no correction for Braunschweig, Nuremberg, Ulm, or Milan). The Ephemerides, consisting only of tables updated to begin in 1480 and ending in 1506, provides positions for the sun, moon, and planets for each day of each year. The beginning of each year is marked with a finding tab of leather or parchment dyed pink. A liturgical calendar at the beginning of the manuscript (lacking November) includes additions to the printed version which customize the calendar for a Benedictine monastery (Saint Maurus, 15 Jan.; commemoration of Adalbero, 6 Oct.) in southern Germany or Austria (Valentinus, bishop of Passau, 7 Jan.; Rupert, bishop of Salzburg, 27 Mar.; Ulrich of Augsburg, 4 July; Koloman, patron saint of Austria, 13 Oct.), and more specifically the Benedictine abbey in Lambach, Austria (feast and translation of Kilian, patron saint of the abbey, 7 and 14 Jul.).


Astronomy--Early works to 1800, Astronomy--Tables, Ephemerides--Early works to 1800, Monastic libraries--Austria--Lambach (Upper Austria) Codices, Almanacs, Devotional calendars, Ephemerides, Tables (documents), Finding tabs, Manuscripts Latin--15th century, Manuscripts Latin--16th century, Manuscripts Renaissance

Facsimile of LJS 300, Calendarium and ephemerides