Facsimile of LJS 309, Nakhtnebef collateral letter

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Guarantee by Nakhtnebef, son of Pamerour of Memphis, to Hor, son of Padiousir the brewer, that he will pay back the value of one-fifth of the brewery in Meidum (40 deben or 200 staters) within two days if called upon, pledging his house and possessions as collateral. Written in 25 lines of Demotic script on papyrus with signatures of five witnesses, including Padikhonsou, son of Amon; Padiousir, son of Semataouy; and Guédjadja, son of Nechthnibis. Dated in the month of Athyr in regnal year 5 of Pharaoh Ptolemy V (11 December 201 to 9 January 200 B.C.). In 2 faded lines of Greek added at the bottom in regnal year 6, Nechthnibis guarantees one fifth for 800 drachmas.


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Facsimile of LJS 309, Nakhtnebef collateral letter