Measuring the Outcomes of Creative Placemaking

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Conference Paper




This paper was delivered by Mark Stern at a transatlantic symposium on the arts and artists in urban resilience held in Baltimore in May 2014. With the topic of creative placemaking outcome measurement, Stern took a step back to talk about the "outcomes problems" of creative placemaking. The focus of the talk was on the problems of conceptualization and measurement of the ways that creative placemaking can influence a place and the people who live, work, and visit there. The presentation had five sections: 1) the controversy over outcomes of creative placemaking; 2) the potential contradictions in its conceptual foundation; 3) how economic impact and creative economy approaches have addressed the question of measurement; 4) SIAP's approach to space and place; and 5) implications for policy and grantmaking.


The conference paper was published by the Goethe Institut and EUNIC, Washington D.C. in their symposium report--The Role of Artists & the Arts in Creative Placemaking, May 30-31, 2014, Baltimore, MD. See Mark Stern's presentation and discussion following, pages 84-97. The symposium report is available at:



Date Posted: 25 April 2017